Secrets behind writing an effective 1000 words killer essay

When instructors give essays to their students, they expect the students to stick to a particular word count. Writing less will attract marks deductions. Writing above the expected word count will not add any value to the essay. It might lead to marks deductions because the more text students write; the more likely the chances of committing errors. 

Depending on the topic and the expertise of the student; a thousand words content will take up to between 3-7 hrs of the student’s time. There is a structure to be followed while writing a 1000 words long essay. This word length should be divided into at least five different paragraphs. 


Seven steps in writing 1000 words essay

  1. Get the assignment straight: This might appear simple, but it is best to read through the assignment thoroughly before you start writing. Every word conveys a meaning; get to know every word that is included in the assignment. The perfect understanding of every word will go all the way to give a perfect understanding of the topic. 
  2. The topic: When you understood the idea of the question, it is now for you to come up with a title that will convey meaning to your essay. If your Instructor has given you a title; then you have to work on the title. 
  3. Information gathering: When you are through with the topic; it is now time to go in search of relevant information that will form the basis of your argument. Make sure your source is credible enough if you want to confer credibility on your paper.
  4. Your plan: This type of essay is classified under the short essay type. However, you are strongly advised to have a plan in place if you want to begin and finish very strong.
  5. Your essay: You can now start writing your essay. In some cases, you can write the body of your essay before writing the introduction. On the other hand, you can begin with the introduction before writing the body of your essay. In both cases, there should be a connection between the two. If your information gathering is properly done; following a pattern that connects will not be difficult.
  6. A steady flow: While you are putting down your facts into writing; it is important to ensure that you put the ideas into a structured pattern that connects one fact to the other. Incorporation of transitions from one paragraph to the other is a must. Linking words should be exploited to give your readers a perfect understanding of your line of thought. 
  7. Proofread your text: Students lose valuable marks because of errors in their content. Take time to proofread your work. After completing the work; give a break before coming back to it to remove possible errors in your writing. Check through a plagiarism checker to ensure the sources were properly quoted.  

Final thoughts

The steps above are all that is necessary to give the best results to students that desire the best results out of the 1000 words essay paper.