Tips on how to fill up your essay

Every college essay has a word limit. When you keep to the word limit, it shows your instructors that you are in tune with the demands of the paper. When you struggle to fill up the word count of your essay, it might be quite overwhelming to any student.

We shall be taking a look at tricks and tips that you can adopt to fill up the word count in your essay papers.



After finishing up the lines on your paper and you still found out that you are under the word count; the most ideal thing to do is to take a look at the facts that you presented during the course of your research. Did you back them up with relevant examples? Go back to research for the examples that fit it and include such into your write-up. It will add more value to your paper and include the word count.


Formatting your paragraph

The issue might lie with the structure of your paragraphs. Did you include all of the following:

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting evidence/argument
  • Conclusion

If all the three elements are absent from each sentence; go and include them and the word count will go up.



Another brilliant way to add to your word count is to use credible quotes from other writers. It goes to show that there are other writers that agree with your submission. You should not overdo things here; too many quotes will ruin the flow in your paper.


Your Prompt

Though you have gone through your prompt several times, if you are short of the word count, it is advised that you go through the prompt once again to be assuredly doubly sure. By reading through again and again; you will get inspiration to add more to it in this area.


Reverse your outline

The problem might lie with your outline. It is advised that you go over the outline again in your attempt to revise it. You can now reorganize the pages in a way that will convey more meaning to your readers and areas that you need to develop more will pop up.

Break down large paragraphs that have more words into bits to accommodate extra words. Points that need more clarifications should be expanded to create more words.


Use of phrases or words

The use of transitional words is a natural way to add to your word count. It is an excellent way to achieve the right flow in your paper while you will still succeed in bringing your readers along with you. There are countless phrases that you can include in your paper to achieve the goal of adding more to your essay.


Final thoughts

Go through all the steps above and you will definitely see some shortfall in your paper where you can work on to increase your word count. If you are still in doubt as to what to do; then you need more help. You can go online and look for essay for sale written by the best experts.