Writing Guide: What Makes a Great Martin Luther King Essay?

Writing an essay on Martin Luther King is an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to present their ideas, arguments, and English writing. The more ambitious the students are the more work they are likely to put into this kind of assignment. We discuss some of the most important aspects of writing a great assignment on this important historical figure in this short guide. Apply these to other types of assignments as well and you’re certain to see tremendous improvement in your grades.

Who is the Audience of the Essay?

The first thing you need to consider is who are you writing the essay for? Usually, this will be solely for the teacher who will then determine your score and grade on the assignment. In some cases, you may have to present your assignment aloud to a classroom or other group of people. The latter can be a bit more difficult because you are writing for a larger audience and will need to incorporate elements that keep more people interested. Make sure you understand the assignment as soon as you learn about it. Read the prompt carefully and ask the teacher for clarification if you are even just slightly confused.

What Makes a Perfect MLK Essay?

  • Clear Understanding and Knowledge

    You need to present several, well-chosen facts to support your main argument (thesis statement). But it’s not just a matter of presenting a list of facts. You need to demonstrate that you comprehend what those facts mean in relation to MLK and whatever topic you have chosen to write about. Be sure to take every point of view and interpretation of facts into consideration. What you believe clearly supports your opinions may be thought to have a different effect when looked upon from a different perspective.

  • Logical and Structured Arguments

    In an argumentative assignment, you should provide both sides of an issue in a balanced manner. Doing so requires that you choose a format and stick with it throughout. Rearranging content will make your argument more logical and structured. This makes it much easier to take in and shows your complete understanding of the important questions and sub-topics at hand.

  • Command of the English Language

    Great English writing needs to be clear and concise. The words you choose should present the information effortlessly and take the reader from one idea to the next without any confusion. The reader should never have to reread a sentence to understand what it is you are saying. Vary the sentence length and vocabulary. But stick with what you know. It’s embarrassing to use words incorrectly.

After you’ve completed your essay, you will want to have a second person look over your writing. He or she can identify places where you can make improvements – no matter how small – to boost your chances of earning the highest grade possible. You can also get help from a professional academic service. There are several trusted companies on the web that can handle all types of academic assignments.