List Of Interesting Exemplification Essays

An exemplification essay is a form of an argumentative essay. It requires that you present an argument, picks a position within the scope of the debate, and then support your case with adequate examples.

If you are to write an essay about global warming and your position on the argument is that global warming is terrible. It is not enough to say global warming is bad. You have to support that with adequate examples.

There are several steps involved in writing an exemplification essay. However, the first step is picking a topic. The topic you choose must be one that has enough examples to support your position of the argument.

If you are to write about an author’s career, you do not want to pick an author with one book to their name. The author you choose must have as many books, at least, enough to support your argument of their career.

List of 40 Interesting Exemplification Essay

Because of the conditions attached to picking an exemplification essay topic, deciding which topic to write about can be challenging. However, you do not have to worry, as we would suggest below. Some topics do not only have enough examples, but you’ll find them interesting to write about.

  1. Jaycee Lee Dugard’s “A Stolen Life.”
  2. Advertising, Children, And Food
  3. Inhuman Or African American
  4. We Wear The Mask By Paul Lawrence Dunbar: A Ubiquitous Poem
  5. An Analysis Of Propaganda
  6. A Star Called Henry: A Review Of Roddy Doyles
  7. Does The Election Forecast Influence Voting?
  8. Can Self-Help Programs Help with Depression?
  9. To Prevent A Mass Shooting, Is There An Amendment That Can Be Done On The American Constitution?
  10. Capital Punishment
  11. Paul Crowther: Art And Vision
  12. Extremism Of Belief
  13. Blindness And Sight: Lack Of Insight In King Lear
  14. Alice Munro: Boys And Girls
  15. The Need For Gun Control Law Reform In America
  16. In Our Society, Can Socialism And Capitalism Coexist?
  17. Immigration and Economy
  18. Are Online Courses As Useful As Courses Taught In Classrooms?
  19. Does Online Education Have The Same Impact As School?
  20. Can War Lead to Peace?
  21. Is Welfare Payment Terrible For Society?
  22. Should Cellphone Usage While Driving Be Banned?
  23. Cultism And The Moral Depravity Of The Society
  24. The Impact Technology Transfer Has On Culture.
  25. Data And Privacy
  26. History Of Deaf Culture
  27. Causes Of Depression
  28. Determining Beauty
  29. Developmental Psychology
  30. Use Of Disposable Containers
  31. Prevent Animal Rights Through Farm Legislation
  32. Can Mobile Phone Ruin a Person’s Social Life?
  33. Effect Of Plastic Bottles On Health
  34. Do Politicians Care About Voters At All?
  35. Contribution Of Religious Organization To The Moral Decay Of The Society
  36. Should Baby’s Food Contain Spicy?
  37. What Is The Role Of Capitalism In Achieving World Peace?
  38. What’s The Relationship Between Higher Education And Civilized Society?
  39. Parents an Children’s Performance
  40. What Is The Impact Of Sexting On The Couple’s Intimacy?


We have made the task simple for you. Please choose one of the topics and begin working on it. However, don’t forget to gather enough examples to support your position on any of the topics. That’s what makes for a good exemplification essay.