The best approach to synthesis essay

One of the greatest challenges that students face is writing a synthesis essay because it involves extensive research efforts in which students are expected to show the skeleton in an argument. This type of essay is a written discussion of ideas that draws inspiration from two or more authentic sources. 

Where you are having two ideas from a particular source, you can isolate one core of what they are trying to say. There are two types of synthesis papers; the explanatory and argumentative synthesis papers. 


Begin a topic

The first step in the approach to this essay is to choose a topic. The choice of your topic should be one that is debatable. When you choose a topic that has opposing viewpoints, you are likely going to get the results that mattered. 

There are three major steps necessary to arrive at a topic which will sell your views and ideas:

Browse through topic ideas. 

Make sure the topic that you chose is the one that you are interested in. Make a research on the topic and gather all relevant information that you need on the topic which will be included in your synthesis paper.

Get your essay outline ready. Go on and apply ideas from the sources into your outline. This approach will make achieving the desired results pretty easy.


The basic parts of the synthesis essay structure

The synthesis essay consists of three major parts as with other forms of essays.

Introduction: This part should contain the hook statement that goes to say a lot about the topic and the reason why it is relevant. The thesis statement will raise the curiosity of your readers to read your essay to the last point. 

Body: This is the part of the essay where you are expected to press home the fact you can think from an opposing point of view. Present well marshaled opposing points of view to your thesis statement. However, you are not expected to go into the extreme in doing this. Your counter-argument should not in any way discredit your thesis statement.

Conclusion: You are expected to give a summary of the overall paper. It is expected of every student to finish powerfully here. Every unanswered question is expected to be answered at this closing stage of the essay.


 Tips for getting the best out of your essay

You can avoid the path of struggle in writing your essay if the following tips are followed:

Do not make the mistake of titling the essay as a synthesis essay

Carry on your readers and address them in an appropriate manner

Make use of correct vocabulary

Avoid the use of passive voice

Make sure you proofread your work to clear it of all possible grammatical errors

Use only credible sources gotten through academia and not social media.

The inclusion of sentence and paragraph transition is a must


Final thought 

The above is all that every student requires to make the best out of the synthesis essay.