Writing a Humanity Essay: 8 Steps for Success

Throughout your life in school, you will need to do my essay on a variety of topics. No matter what courses you take, you can expect to have at least a dozen writing assignments over the course of year. We know that writing doesn’t come easy to everyone, so we’ve developed 8 steps to help students succeed.

  1. Brainstorm a Thesis Statement

    Read the essay prompt carefully and brainstorm a couple of ideas for your argument. Narrow your choices to around 2 or 3 and then try to envision exactly what you are able to accomplish given the limitations of the number of resources you have available and the amount of time you have to finish the assignment.

  2. Research Supporting Material

    Once you have a clear idea of what it is you want to argue, it’s time to start your in-depth research on humanity. Check the web for background information, and then go to the school library to do the bulk of your research by finding credible resources.

  3. Organize and Create an Outline

    Take your research notes and organize them into related topics and sub-topics. Use the best ideas to create an assignment outline for you to use as you write each draft. This will keep your thoughts on track and will help you write at a more efficient pace.

  4. Start Writing the Body Paragraphs

    Jump right into the core of the paper by drafting the body paragraphs first. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence (taken from your outline) and let the words flow quickly and efficiently. You’re not aiming for perfection here; just get the words down on the screen.

  5. Write the Intro and Conclusion

    Now you can write the introduction and conclusion. It’s easier to do so after writing the body paragraphs because you will have a better idea of the direction your paper is heading. While this is still at a draft stage, your assignment will take a more concrete shape.

  6. Set the Essay Aside Then Revise

    If you have adequately managed your time then you should have a day or two when you can get away from and clear your mind of the humanity assignment. You can use the time off to do something fun or to focus on other assignments. Anything is fine; just don’t think about the paper.

  7. Edit and Proofread the Essay

    Editing and proofreading are critical to crafting a great written assignment. Many teachers will stop reading a student’s paper if it’s filled with errors or poorly written. Take these exercises seriously and commit to spending a few hours completing them both.

  8. Get Someone to Reread the Essay

    Ask a tutor, a classmate or a parent to read your humanity paper. A fresh perspective will help you make final changes that can improve your grade. Constructive criticism is key to academic and professional development, so be sure to seek it out at every opportunity.

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